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Elizabeth has prepared so hard for the Joint Matriculation Board (JAMB) exams in 2018. She has done her homework well. . She has lived the faith required of students. She is very good at what she does, winning.

Her exam was scheduled for Igbogbo, a locale in Ikorodu. It was a pretty easy exam. She made some errors and did well in several other questions. At the end of the exam, she was certain that she would be successful.

She was.

Preparing for WAEC examinations for Elizabeth was as simple as it could be. My idea for better preparation for WAEC was testing what it looks like at the NOV/DEC WAEC (Private) otherwise known as GCE.

She would write that exam,against the advice of my parents; I would insist that it was best for her. Relying on Past Questions and patting yourself in the back was not the best for anyone. Testing thermal thing would be the way to go and the November examinations of the board would do the magic.

She would hurt after she failed that exam with some pass grades on key subjects and only a few ‘very good’ and ‘credit’ not on the core subjects.

Elizabeth will go on to easily excel in her May/June exams with ‘Excellent’ and ‘Very Good’ grades. There was barely an option for credit and even when it came, it was sparing.

She would gain admission into a private university in the South Eastern part of Nigeria after a three time trial of JAMB and I know some think my life may ‘stop’ or ‘halt’ by believing in Elizabeth so firmly and her hard work and intelligence to give her the opportunity to study in a renowned private university when my life, according to many, ‘just started’ and I have several of them young to still take care of and my academics too.

I will tell you a little story. When I was in my final year o study in the university, I would need about a hundred and seventy thousand for a professional exam. Elizabeth, barely 15, would provide about 15% of the funds to support my parents.

She would take care of my younger siblings as her own. She had always being our second mother, filling up the roles, Ifeyinwa did not or could not due to her activities or sometimes when she traveled.

This blog is one way to ensure that my life does not ‘pause’, as some good friends argue;  Smiles.

I hope that the efforts and research and lifestyle and family tales and sleepless nights and several strikes on the keyboard and constant watch on the analytics of this blog pays for her academics. For I believe in her, against what the poor system of admission of students into higher institutions of learning in Nigeria propose. That sector needs a change.

This blog, in short, will pay Elizabeth’s fees, I hope, with your help.

Every day you visit our blog and comment and share our post. It helps me in achieving my dream of being not just a great brother but her friend.

And every time you find a nice ad on this platform and choose to click on it and buy from them or learn more about the product do know you are doing my dream a service.

I appreciate.

Joseph Okoroafor

Family and Style


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