How we spent our last Christmas


Christmas is the best time of the year. You may not agree with me for several reasons. It may not change how I enjoy the holiday I have come to cherish since my childhood. While vacation and short leaves from the office and other breaks are important, Christmas hold a special place for The Okoroafors.

Last Christmas was quite interesting and enjoyable in all respect.

It was my first Christmas and full year since leaving undergrad studies from my alma mater (I miss that place still. I still try to connect to her through the Alumni Association and the Student-Alumnus relationship I have with several organizations I was a member of then). It was also a Christmas spent serving my fatherland.

The Outfit

Three weeks near the holiday, I invited Elizabeth who was already proficient at making both male and female wears at the time to join me for a little shopping. The goal was to ensure that the materials we got were of the highest quality and for the best price. I had always hoped to one day pay for the Christmas celebration in my house. The opportunity was golden and I took it.

Christmas would come with the sprinkle that showered our day and the preparation for Mass and a tired Elizabeth. She had been working on all materials solely. It was her opportunity to become even more excellent and she took her time to make it worth the while.

The output was awesome.

The boys chose a simple senator design and the girls? They got what everyone wanted, a flowing gown, a six piece bridal gown and a smile for a thank you. Elizabeth had ensured she their outfits were unique and the quality showed she was going to be a success at this.

Ayomide Oguntade would make sure that not just my smart phone but his Nikon lens captured that Christmas morning for posterity’s sake.

Today, if you ever come to our house to visit. You would find my smiling family enjoying the attention of a photographer. You would also learn where I got my smile from. It is amazing.

The Food

Every Christmas usually serves as another Sunday, no matter what day of the week it falls into. The Government of my country always announces a two-day holiday for all and sundry; the market prices will always soar and banking halls will be closed for business. One can only access the E-channels, a 2.5 NGN worth of text message will tell you during the period.

The cost of food increases by nearly 75 percent. The market men and women need to make enough money for their families, too, every holiday. This can be frustrating. It can also be a source of strength and a reminder to plan your holiday food items earlier.

Chicken would be gotten from a poultry house near my office. I had to ensure that my parents and siblings were sure of plenty meat during this period. Only one month ago, it felt like it was going to be a simple, boring Christmas, then Providence came knocking in answer of my father’s prayers through me.

I am happy my father prayers for me every day.

My mother would make varieties of meals I love. She will prepare Ofe Ede first. Cocoyam Soup.

The Friends

Chisom visited during this Christmas. He is my best friend and his presence warmed our home. I have been able to keep several friends all over the years. I boast that I never lose friends and Chisom’s visit reminded me that my family is large and includes more persons than I think is.

I would seek to make new friendship and maybe relationship when I visited Theresa during the period and would have to stay over Chisom’s house who was not around at the time. He would tell me where to pick the keys and to feel at home.

Ugochukwu would receive a Chicken for his Christmas, he had been a wonderful friend to me and housed me for nearly the entire year.

Last Christmas was a great Christmas for me and I would want to do it again this Christmas. Check out how I plan to spend my holiday this Christmas and the places you should try visiting with your family.

Now tell me… What did you do last Christmas? Maybe we could try that out to and have even more fun this time.


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