How to deal with Money Problems


There is no money.

It is common to hear our parents or friend’s parents tell their spouse and children about their money problems. In fact, in most climes, it is normal to so do. There is really no money anywhere. In fact the world is in debt. My friends are quick to make jokes like who exactly does the world owe the trillions of dollars it does? The dead?The second earth?

In the midst of wants too, we often find plenty. The reverse is also true.

Growing up, I had to support my family in some ways. In fact, my parents have a way of initiating the responsibility spirit in us that in no time, we are already supporting our parents with the little items in the house or getting the funds for mum to use as it pleases her, for the good of everyone in the house. Mothers know all.

At some points in our young life, my mum will take myself and my sibling s along with her to the market. This simple action makes us understand how money is gotten. In fact, my mother would let us go with her to buy the ingredients and things to make the food for sale that day so that we can understand the entire flow. We were always happy when our parents are of profits made. After all, we saw some little money turn into even bigger money.

There are still very many homes that suffer from lack and why it is not a sin to be poor or have no money, handling the aftermath of the pronouncements like ‘there is no money’ can be tricky. Some of these ideas could work for you too or your friend.

You are not alone

You are a few dollars (insert your currency here) away from being really broke; the inflation rate is high, your company is retrenching its workforce and you have been affected; or maybe business really got bad and you lost your money to the sea. You are not alone. For someone, somewhere, is facing the exact challenge. Relax; it is not really that bad. You are not living in the street yet. (You will be if you do not get something better doing so.) That is still in the future though.

There are several persons having the same problem, and accepting that can really help you begin the next stages of processing your thoughts well so as to prepare your strategy for getting out.

Be honest with your spouse

I already shared that you are not alone. That’s right. And a problem shared is half-solved right? Some couple choose to stay quiet about the cash crunch they are having and continue to suffer and in the end put their relationships and the lives of their spouse at a risk because they would not talk about this with their spouse.

Even if you are a Teddy Walker and are having problem passing your GED test because you have dyslexia, dyscalculia and problem with processing,  your spouse deserve to go with you through the entire journey.

My father will always tell my mother that there was no money, if he had none. Since he was a salary earner, this usually happens at the middle of the month especially when there has been a lot more expense for medical fees or contingencies since there was no insurance from his office then.  The only one he got seemed to cover only him.

Telling your spouse about your money problems has more benefits than troubles. You have a more empathetic and cheering fan who supports you all through the period.

Deal with the Necessary first

There are several items and cares that calls for your money when you have them even when they seem scarce. Ensure you deal with the most important first.

There should be a chart for you where you list the most important needs of your home and family first then all other else. It is important that when that fund hit your account and the beautiful tone invites you to check. You should match the funds in the proportions and importance already set out in the chart.

This can be very difficult to practice than discussed in this article. You will thank us for us when you stick to it no matter what.

My friend’s mother ensures she buys in big bags all groceries that would last her the entire month: Staple food like Rice, Beans, Garri; dry and stock fishes; toiletries and so on. This has worked effectively for her and have been tried by several other families I know.

This, too, will pass

Money problems do not stay forever. They are a phase that every young family will pass through whether you are a government official, a contract staff with an oil exploration company or even run your own business. There is not enough money in the world. And money is rightly called ‘liquid’ because it flows and like all things which flow it does not always come with the same pressure at all times.

Have you ever wondered why money is also called ‘currency’? It is like a wave, sometimes there is a peak other times there is a trough.

Remember that the world owes about Three Trillion USDs. Like a friend of mine would say, ‘you will be alright lastlast’.

P.S: ‘last last’ (sometimes spelt and pronounced as ‘laslas’) isNigerian Pidgin Englishfor ‘in the end’

How do you deal with money problems in your life and family? We will like to learn. Please do that in the comment section.


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